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Client Testimonials

The feedback that shapes our service.

Welcome to our Testimonials Page, where the voices of those we've supported resonate.

Here, you'll find authentic accounts of how our services have made a meaningful impact in workplaces just like yours.

Dive into these testimonials to discover first-hand experiences of the judgment-free environment we create for shared reflection and learning.

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The trainer was knowledgeable, approachable and friendly, very confident in her delivery.
It will enable us to educate more staff on mental health and wellbeing. All was perfect.

Sandra Swan, Head of HR - Autism Anglia

We had a member of staff who identified as having some wellbeing needs. We engaged with Emma for direct support for the staff member. This staff member has had the best sales figures 2 months in a row and now of the year, seems happier at work.

Roger Peck, Director - The KBB Centre

I feel very fortunate to have been taught by Emma who created such an inclusive and judgement-free space. Emma's passion for the topic and positive energy were contagious, even when dealing with more difficult topics - thank you Emma!

Jade Eskenzi, Co-Founder - The Zensory

Testimonials: Testimonials

Mental Health First Aid

Emma was very easy to talk to and kept the course entertaining despite some of the heavy nature of some of the topics. I found the course very engaging with it’s frequent group tasks and class discussions, and I am sure I will apply the knowledge gained in my working and home life.

Trainer was very good at encouraging open discussions in judgment free space. Trainer was clearly knowledgeable and passionate which made it more engaging. Good use of visual aids, activities, breaks.

Emma is so engaging which in turn made the information she was giving absorb easily. What a wonderful trainer who was so open and transparent. Very engaging training. 10/10!

Emma was a fantastic trainer for the course – she was very engaging, knowledgeable and approachable and fostered an inclusive environment and encouraged insightful discussions

Testimonials: Testimonials

"This is what we need as professionals."

Testimonials: Testimonials
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