What do we offer?

Thrive Safe provides services for businesses, organisations and education providers to improve staff wellbeing, culture development and  outcomes.

We provide webinars and workshops on a variety of topics including wellbeing at work, understanding mental health and the impacts of trauma and abuse, domestic and sexual violence abuse/violence awareness, resilience, mindset and culture improvement.

We provide information and guidance on improving coping strategies and techniques in response to someone making a disclosure and their identified support needs.

Thrive Safe is working to support people to be able to engage in guided self care to manage their wellbeing as well as helping signpost to wider support services available to them.

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About Thrive Safe

Why we started

Thrive Safe began conceptually in 2019 and has been developed into the current business model.

The company was created after identifying a need to merge education on abuse/trauma and how it impacts people, combined with a desire for people to feel empowered to manage their own wellbeing and support others in the process.

“The lotus comes from the murkiest water but grows into the purest thing.” – Nita Ambani


Our Mission

"Making emotive topics easier to navigate using safe empowering environments, bringing positive change to our communities"

We want to ensure that we start, and continue, important conversations in a safe way. We create spaces to enable people to be empowered and explore how they can support themselves and others.

We want people to feel safe in their workspace or education provision, and for employers to feel confident to respond to their staff's needs appropriately.

We support people to identify and become aware of their own boundaries and to know it is okay to ask for help when they are not sure what next steps are needed or available.

Most of all, we want to help people to feel safe in as many ways and environments possible.


Our Experience

Public sector, private and voluntary


Police forces

Local council

Youth Offending Service

Domestic abuse support 

Sexual violence support 

Crisis response, helpline call handling, court support, youth rehabilitation support, researching on the impact of: crime, worklessness, education access, guided self help and wellbeing support.



With over 12 years experience in public sector services, the private sector and voluntary organisations in a mixture of client facing roles and research positions, Thrive Safe has been developed after identifying recurring key themes in each role.

Thrive Safe was started to create an educational environment that supports people to feel empowered to manage their own wellbeing.

We are working to raise awareness of the harm that exposure to abuse or trauma has on physical and mental health and how this can impact daily life.



We create an environment that offers information and education in an understanding, non-judgmental manner.

We provide a safe space to explore existing beliefs and challenge myths whilst exploring techniques available to enhance individual wellness and support to others.

Our aim is not to lecture or punish for a lack of awareness but instead recognise that not everyone knows of, or is exposed to, the various ways our wellbeing can be impacted by unexpected life events.

We use our variety of experience to explore the simple methods of how you can help yourself and others with capacity to recognise when it is time to involve the support of other agencies or provisions.


Our Values

  • Integrity and accountability

  • Diligence and dedication

  • Learning and development

  • Passionate and compassionate

  • Respect for equality and diversity

Thrive Safe has a zero tolerance policy for discrimination of any form.

Thrive Safe is committed to creating an environment where anyone that comes in contact with our services feels safe from discrimination.

We believe that everyone we speak to and meet with deserves respect and to be treated fairly, not just by us but also from other people accessing our services.

If you feel you have witnessed or experienced discrimination when in contact with our service please contact us as soon as possible so we can explore and address this.


Positive learning spaces

We believe it is wrong to expect everyone to hold an innate knowledge base on the topics that we cover just because we ourselves have been exposed to or experienced them.

We work to produce learning spaces where everyone in the room is seen to hold valuable input and information that can help everyone present.

Whilst we may lead or initiate discussion and highlight key issues that we feel need exploring, we do not see ourselves as the only people in the room that contribute and hold value.


Wellbeing development

Thrive Safe is focused on improving wellbeing through support, education and signposting.

We believe that there are key and simple techniques that should be available to all that supports management of daily stress and trauma as well as improving confidence and self-belief.

We recognise that the nature of the content we cover may be hard for some people to explore and should you not feel able to bring this to our attention directly we encourage you to head to our signposting page for services available to access confidential or anonymous support. 


Our Vision

"Thrive Safe is committed to raising awareness of domestic and sexual violence. We are focused on improving the response to those in need by sharing experience and knowledge to breakdown the myths and stigma of experiencing abuse, trauma impact and mental health difficulties"

We will use our knowledge of the prevalence and impact of violence and abuse to breakdown the 'taboo' style management of this topic.

We will continue to raise awareness of, and challenge, the myths and misconceptions associated to the stereotypes that survivors and those with mental health needs experience.

We will support survivors directly to access services that they need.

We will help employers and organisations understand how they can help to break down barriers of support and assist people in their recovery from the harm they have experienced.