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About Thrive Safe

Compassionate conversations for culture change.

Our mission is to bring mental health and trauma awareness into workplaces, education providers, and our communities.

We believe that people should have the information to improve their wellbeing, increase autonomy, and enhance emotional and physical safety.

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Our values

Accountability. Compassion. Development. Equity.

These 4 key values underpin everything we do:

Being accountable to our intent and impact, maintaining integrity

Holding compassion at the core of our engagement with others

Knowing our work is never done, always developing and creating new content

Committed to creating equitable spaces where everyone feels welcome to learn and share

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Our Mission

To empower communities by creating safe spaces for learning and sharing, making navigating emotive topics easier as we create culture change together.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to share experience and knowledge that ends the myths and stigmas connected to experiencing abuse, trauma, and mental health impacts.

We believe individuals, workplaces, organisations, and education providers, should have support to understand trauma-informed principles and the daily behaviours that support healthy living.

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Meet our Founder

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Emma started her career in the intelligence and research sector where she identified her desire to work with people and support them through their experiences of abuse and trauma.

Emma spent over 8 years working with survivors of abuse and trauma, whilst mentoring young people and volunteering with the Youth Offending Service. She has also provided a reflective practice provision within a national mental health charity.

She launched Thrive Safe to help improve the response to those with lived experience of mental health and trauma. 

Her passion lies in supporting individuals to feel empowered, safe, and aware of methods and services to enhance their wellbeing.

She works with workplaces, organisations, and education providers to build environments that help individuals thrive.

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