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Did you know?

  • 70 million sick days are lost each year due to mental health

  • £43 billion is lost each year to the UK economy as a result of: sickness absence, reduced productivity and staff turnover

  • The UK economy loses £7 billion in mental health sickness absence alone

  • 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men experience domestic abuse

  • 1 in 20 children experience sexual violence or abuse

  • 20% of women and 4% of men experience sexual violence assault

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We help you to explore the efficiency of your current wellbeing strategy in our free 45 minute online appointment.
Contact us to discuss how we can improve your staff wellbeing and workplace culture to drive positive business/organisational outcomes.


Work with us to:

  • ​Improve workplace culture

  • Improve confidence in navigating sensitive topics

  • Improve business outcomes

  • Reduce workplace stress impact

  • Improve productivity of staff

  • Understand the needs of those around you

  • Support survivors of abuse & trauma to feel safe to access support

  • Understand your own individual needs

  • Identify support provisions available

  • Improve coping strategies for stress & anxiety

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What do we offer?

Bespoke packages tailored to suit the needs of your company or organisation.

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Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace training

We offer a regulated 2 day course that can be delivered online or face-to-face which provides learners with a Level 3 Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace qualification

Consultation & Strategy

Review and development of methods in place to approach wellbeing and improve staff performance

Information Workshops

Workshops on a variety of topics including: wellbeing, culture development, resilience, stress management and understanding the impacts of abuse and trauma

1:1 Support & Signposting

Direct support for staff who want to learn more about their own needs or how to support others

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Quiet Desk

NCFE certified (L2)

Understanding Mental Health First Aid & Advocacy in the Workplace

Safe Lives - IDVA

Support for survivors of domestic abuse & violence

Lime Culture certified ISVA

Support for survivors of sexual abuse & violence 

MHFA certified

Mental Health First Aider

NCFE certified (L2)

Understanding Workplace Violence and Harassment

NCFE certified (L2)

Understanding Data Protection and Data Security L2

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"I have recently had contact with Emma at Thrive Safe about how we can positively support staff as they come back into the office. We spoke to Emma about opening conversations about how staff were feeling. 
After this, we then had a member of staff who identified having some wellbeing needs and we engaged with Emma for some direct support for the staff member. This staff member has had the best sales figures 2 months in a row and now of the year, seems happier at work and they all continue to keep in contact with us about how they are feeling.
It has proved to us just how important wellbeing is in the workplace. We will be adding wellbeing action in our next sales meeting. we wouldn't hesitate to pay to send a staff member on other work-related training. If we can invest in helping someone to feel better in their working day and life, why would we not do that?
It's sometimes what we don't see or know about where this type of support can make a difference."

Roger Peck, Director at KBB East Anglia Ltd

Work Presentation

Workshops & Webinars

Information and awareness

90 minute, 2 hour, half day or full day bespoke workshops and webinars on topics including:

  • General wellbeing needs

  • Self care and self help

  • Building coping strategies and resilience

  • Understanding impacts of abuse and trauma

  • Domestic and sexual abuse awareness

  • Peer2peer: identifying harmful sexual behaviours in young people

  • Confidence and self esteem

  • Workplace wellness

  • Professional boundaries

and more...

Length of sessions will vary depending on content requested 

Both can be delivered online or face to face


Workplace Wellbeing Package

Consultancy & Strategy review

Support to improve proactive management of staff wellbeing.

Address gaps in offers of support, improve policy and protocol as well as identifying gaps in knowledge.

Packages can include:

  • Consultation to assess current workplace strategy

  • Sample structures to review and assess wellbeing

  • Webinars or workshops

  • Follow up calls

Group therapy

1:1 Support & Signposting

Independent support

1:1 sessions for staff of all levels to:

  • Understand wellbeing needs for them and others

  • Further exploration of webinar/workshop content

  • Self-help and mindfulness information

  • Signposting to relevant national and/or local services


COVID19 Guidance

Services have had to adapt all over the world to meet the needs of our everchanging environment.

At Thrive Safe we are committed to always providing our service with wellbeing as a core focus. 

We would aim to provide personable services in a face to face environment but at this time we appreciate the safety risks in doing so.

All current provisions can be delivered by telephone, Microsoft Teams and email contact for those who do not feel comfortable to engage in face to face support yet.

Holding Hands


We want to ensure that those who come in to contact with our company are aware of the breadth of support available to them.

We are aware that some of the topics we explore may highlight further support requirements outside of what we are able to provide. 

This signposting space is created as a generalised signposting area for some national and local services.



Contact Us

Please do not make any disclosures via our contact form.

We are subject to safeguarding and confidentiality boundaries and cannot promise confidentiality if the information shared makes us believe that you are somebody else is at risk if we do not share the information to relevant professionals.

We will discuss our confidentiality boundaries with you upon initial contact.

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