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COMPANY VALUES: We have them, do you?

If you asked your staff, what are our company values - can they tell you?

Values are not a 'lip service', they are a clear statement for what your company stands for.

Values support decision making - if the outcome(s) of a question/action/plan cannot align with those values, then you don't do it.

Values also help you employ the people that are the right fit for your company - if the people you are interviewing don't believe in or understand your values, this can indicate whether they support your long term plans.

Values can tell others who they are working with and why they should remain working with you.

We have key values at Thrive Safe that are the basis for everything we do:


  • Integrity and accountability

  • Diligence and dedication

  • Learning and development

  • Passionate and compassionate

  • Respect for equality and diversity


Integrity and accountability

For a company focused on wellbeing and supporting people, it is essential that we have a clear moral compass. It is crucial for us to be honest and have clarity of why we are doing what we are doing. ‘Integrity’ gives us direction and simplifies our decision making to ensure choices align with our morals.

We cannot possibly work in the field that we do, with such a focus on improving the wellbeing and safety of others, without ownership of the impact of our own actions. We must be accountable and embrace the need to constantly reflect and re-align our behaviours with our values.

‘Accountability’ goes hand in hand with our first key value of ‘integrity’ – it’s the clear driver for ensuring that we stay true to ourselves and the mission we hold to do our best to help people.

Diligence and dedication

We are focused on being conscious in all that we do, paying attention to the detail and making sure that are our service delivery is of a great quality.

We have big goals for the positive impact we want to make and we will continue to work hard to succeed in doing our best to help as many people as possible.

Dedication to the task was getting Thrive Safe started; dedication to the purpose is our daily motivation.

A small business cannot survive without dedication and hard work but ultimately we will not achieve what we set out to if we are not devoted to our 'purpose'.

We have shared our mission and vision statements which are essential to align with the accountability we hold ourselves to in not losing focus of working hard at all times to support people in the best way possible.

Learning and development

We feel that learning is an ongoing process and that as the world constantly changes, so does the volume of information available to us.

We are committed to constantly upskilling and learning new information, being open to opportunities to enhance our understanding and to listen to the valuable perspectives and opinions of those that we meet and support.

Whilst we may initiate discussion and highlight key issues that we feel need exploring, we do not see ourselves as the only people in these conversations that contribute and provide value.

Our value of ‘development’ is not just about the expansion of who we support and how we do this, it is also focused on the way we view our mindset.

We believe in a growth mindset – the concept that people can grow and change, improve their resilience and skillset, building on pre-existing strengths whilst developing new ones.

We believe in engaging with opportunities to learn and welcome feedback that can improve our service provision.

Passionate and compassionate

Thrive Safe cannot exist without our passion to make positive change and to help people.

We are committed to raising awareness of the prevalence of abuse and violence, as well as the varying effects people experience from exposure to harm, abuse and mental health difficulties.

We believe that mental health is as important as physical health.

We believe that whilst a lot of information is shared about ways to improve physical health, everyone should have access to knowledge that helps them understand basic mental health and wellbeing needs, tips on how to improve their wellbeing if they need support and to know where they can go to access further support.

Thrive Safe is focused on conducting our business with compassion and care for others, being open-minded and understanding that everyone has different experiences in their lives that will impact their needs.

We believe that being compassionate is linked with understanding and empowering people. It is not our place to judge, make choices for people or prescribe a way for them to live. We believe that caring about people as individuals and being open to hearing their experiences can allow us to understand their needs and help them identify what they wish for moving forward.

We believe that the desire we have to help should be aligned with the desire to support empowerment of others in knowing their options and making their own informed decisions.

Respect for equality and diversity

The final value listed is by no means the least important, if anything it's at the root of all that we are trying to build - the essential need of having respect for equality and diversity.

Thrive Safe has a zero tolerance policy for discrimination of any form.

Thrive Safe is committed to creating an environment where anyone that comes in contact with us, and our services, feels safe from discrimination.

We believe that everyone we speak to and meet with deserves respect and to be treated fairly, not just by us but also from other people accessing our services.

We believe it is not just about behaving in a non-discriminatory manner but is also about challenging any forms of discrimination that we see.

We strive to continually educate ourselves, being open to listen to the experiences of others and welcome any feedback of how we need to improve our services to ensure we do our best for everyone.


Do you have them?

Do you feel connected to them?

How can you revisit them in a way that helps give focus to your business/organisation's development?

If you are not sure where to start, or want to talk them through, why not have a chat with us?

Contact us today to clarify your company values and the benefit of using them to improve employee and workplace wellbeing, culture and performance.

Call 📞 07592 042820

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