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In a 2021 Ofsted review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges identifies:

  • 90% of girls, and nearly 50% of boys, said being sent explicit pictures or videos of things they did not want to see happens a lot or sometimes to them or their peers

  • Children and young people advise sexual harassment occurs so frequently that it has become ‘commonplace’

  • 92% of girls, and 74% of boys, said sexist name-calling happens a lot or sometimes to them or their peers

  • Incidents are so commonplace that they see no point in reporting them

  • Children and young people fear reporting due to many reasons: being ostracised, not being believed, the processes being taken out of their control


Engaging with us to help your staff to:

  • Understand and identify harmful sexual behaviour

  • Understand risk factors

  • Feel confident in responding to disclosure

  • To make safety plans with young people

  • Be supported with their emotional wellbeing in response to disclosures

  • Create a proactive learning environment for young people to be safe from harm


Bespoke Service Packages include:

Meeting Room

Knowledge workshops

  • Harmful sexual behaviours

  • Domestic and sexual violence awareness

  • Understanding individual wellbeing needs and impact of adverse childhood experiences

  • Understanding the impacts of abuse and trauma

  • Self care and self help

  • Building coping strategies and resilience

  • Confidence and self esteem

  • Workplace wellness

1:1 Staff Support

Confidential support sessions for staff members.

Sessions involve considering their own support requirements, accessing wider services, exploring coping strategies, stress reduction and confidence building.

Therapy Session
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We help you to explore the efficiency of your current wellbeing strategy in our free 45 minute online appointment.
Contact us to discuss how we can improve your staff wellbeing and workplace culture to drive positive outcomes for your staff and students.


We offer bespoke services including knowledge workshops and staff wellbeing support packages.

Our 'bespoke packages' approach exist because we believe education providers, like other companies and organisations, have their own individual needs. We don't want our packages to exclude any provider from our support and we will work with you to meet your specific needs.


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We are subject to safeguarding and confidentiality boundaries and cannot promise confidentiality if the information shared makes us believe that you are somebody else is at risk if we do not share the information to relevant professionals.

We will discuss our confidentiality boundaries with you upon initial contact.

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