Frequently Asked Questions


Do you only deliver in Essex/Suffolk where you are 'based'?

No, our services can be delivered online meaning we can cover the whole country. 

Can people contact you for personal advice?

Our services are primarily for businesses, education providers and organisations.

We want to make sure that people access the right support and for individuals with needs, whose companies/organisations are not engaged with our services, we think it would be best to seek individual support from other appropriate services. 

Please read our signposting page for some suggestions of support. 

Do you offer an initial consultation?

We have a free consultation with any prospective clients. We think it is extremely important to understand what it is you are looking for and we take time, with no pressure, to really explore what is best for each client.

Do you focus just on domestic and sexual violence?

Not at all. Whilst it is a huge passion of ours to raise awareness and improve the response to survivors, we also look at wider elements of wellbeing including improving responses to those with general mental health needs, stress management, improving culture and much more.

Do we need to engage with all elements of your service - is it one large package?

Here at Thrive Safe we work with each client to provide a service based on meeting their goals. We use the word 'bespoke' a lot because it's really important to us that we can provide a flexible service to suit each client's needs. For example, if initially all that is wanted is some advice and guidance, we can arrange a consultation meeting(s). If you want a series of workshops or webinars for staff development and support, we can arrange this. If you want a one-off webinar that is also fine.

We offer the workplace wellbeing package as a way to review the wider system of all of the elements of support we offer and bring them together in the best possible offer of support for you - this can include looking at current internal policy and practice, information workshops/webinars, and guidance for individual staff members who may need help.

Can you offer therapy?

Whilst this is something we definitely want to be able to offer in the future, it is not currently a provision we have available. The 1:1 support we offer is focused on self-help, understanding general needs and looking at methods to assist with improving wellbeing, whilst helping individuals find the best long term service for them.

How much does it cost?

The cost of working with us will vary based on the individual requests. We build packages for each client so that we can tailor our work to meet their needs. Pricing structures vary based on how many sessions are needed, format of delivery and length of work involved.

For example, depending on the size of your organisation, you may decide a webinar format is best to reach a large audience at once which will have a different pricing and working requirement than a series of smaller workshops that are interactive and may require a larger booking time.

Whatever it is you need, we will work with you to build a suitable package.
Contact us now to get a quote via email and we can explore what services best suit your needs.